Meet the Committee

our committee are all volunteers, who give up their time to help others in our community

Gayle Carson

“I’m Gayle Carson, one of the founding members of Links2pink. From the outset Links2pink was about supporting families in the Old Borough of Antrim during times of illness. A few dear friends and I organised an event to raise money for the local Breast Care Clinic back in 2011, and we saw a very unique opportunity to launch our own charity to allow us to help people in our community.

All funds are raised by local people to help local people. It has been challenging and very very rewarding to watch the charity grow and become very imbedded within our community. The charity is completely run by volunteers and we very much look forward to seeing what lies ahead for Links2pink.”

Jacinta Taggart

Hi, I’m Jacinta and I’ve been involved with Links2Pink from the beginning. I loved the idea of helping people who are in need in our own community and at every one of our events I always get the feeling that our whole community are behind our charity.

I am always astounded by the amount of people who raise money on our behalf and support us in what we do. I am delighted to be part of Links2pink and thankful that I have made some lifelong friendships along the way. I don’t ever think that what we do is hard work, it’s just raising money with friends. Can’t wait to see what Links2pink can achieve in the future.

Julie Connolly

“Hi I’m Julie, I have been part of Links2Pink from the beginning. I used to tell people we are just a group of friends who run fun events to help people within our community struggling due to illness.

In the last 10 years we have become so much more and with the support our community we have been able to help so many more people. I am so proud to be part of this wonderful team and excited about the future and what lies ahead for Links2Pink.”

Anne Brady

Hi my name is Anne. I have been a volunteer with Links2Pink for 10 years and I am always blown away with the support we receive from the Antrim folk and beyond.

I am proud to be part of this charity and proud that we have helped so many people through our fun events.I look forward to see what’s in store for the next ten years for Links2pink.

Rhonda McIlroy

Having been given the opportunity to join a group in 2011 which would be the foundation of Links2pink. It’s been a lovely experience meeting new people and making wonderful friendships in and outside the group.

I’ve enjoyed all our events as well as those which included our children “little links”. What an honour it has been raising vital funds for our community.

Elaine McCormick

I’m Elaine and I have been with Links2pink since the outset. I’m the current treasurer so look after donations coming in and funding going out.

I love being part of the team, it’s so much fun, our events are great. Never a dull minute. The rest of the girls are all fantastic.

Michelle Raphael

Hi I’m Michelle. I have been a founding member of links2pink. I love the events we run, the enjoyment and the generosity of the people who support us enable links2pink to help local people and give something back to our community.

For me, Links2pink is a vital part of our community set up to support the community.

Nicola Finlay

Hi I’m Nicola and I have been involved with Links 2 pink since it started 10 years ago!! Helping to organise special fun events to raise much needed funds to help families who are suffering from illness in many different ways. It gives me great pride when I look back over the years and remember the fun events we have had, the families we have helped and what links has achieved in the town of Antrim and surrounding areas.