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In August 2017 we got the shock of our lives, that my dad had been diagnosed with cancer of the vocal cords & would need eight weeks of radiotherapy every day & 6 weeks of chemotherapy.

He has been having on-going tests for a while but all biopsies where benign so we never expected this outcome.

At nine months pregnant I panicked straight away my mum isn't in good health & now my dad was going to have to come out of work to start treatment. 

I was speaking to a friend who told me about Links2Pink and the help they provide for local people. I messaged Links2Pink on Facebook just to enquire if they could help me or point me in the right direction of what we do now.

Links2Pink responded to me quickly & sent me out a form to provide details of my dad and his condition. Once I posted the form I wasn't sure if I'd hear back or even what we would hear.

Gayle contacted me and told me that that they were going to provide my dad with a Tesco gift card to help with the cost of fuel for him travelling to Belfast every day for his treatment. We as a family were completely overwhelmed with the generosity & could not believe it.

Dad has now completed his treatment & is awaiting a scan to see if the treatment worked.

Links2Pink even messaged to see how he was getting on during his treatment.

We as a family cannot thank Links2Pink enough for their kindness & generosity, I have told everyone about them and hope to help out with fundraising in the near future. 

Once again, thank you so much .... Catherine

We were delighted to receive this photo today from a very happy mum - Karen Ward.

We had a small hand in getting beautiful Beth on her bike through buying her wee leg callipers.


A very special girl and big sister Emily helping.

Beth Ward.jpg

I recently took part in the six week yoga course with Shal which was supported by your charity and I wanted to say a big thank you for helping to provide a course such as this for people like me.

I loved the course and I can honestly say it has helped me so much. It was not only relaxing but I learnt I have a love for yoga, which I know will help my condition, and more importantly, my mental health.

Due to my recent diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis I don't believe I would have had the confidence to attend something like this if it wasn't for Shal and the ladies who attended.

It was a great way to meet new people who supported each other and I wanted to say thank you for helping to provide such a vital course for people living with chronic conditions or having been through cancer.

Thank you and keep doing the great work you are doing. Amazing to have such a fantastic local charity who have people at the heart of everything they do.

Shal Yoga.jpg